Our Company
Rosa, Senior VP of Operations

Rosa, Senior VP of Operations: As a decades long associate of DeCicco Family Markets, Rosa has experience in every department and with all aspects of the retail food sales floor. Additionally, she has served as our Systems Director and she is an expert in providing the customer service that you’d come to expect from DeCicco Family Markets. Rosa has proven to be dedicated to the company and to the customers she has developed relationships in her time with us in the Rockland County location.
Joe, Head Chef & Bakery Supervisor

Joe, Perishable Departments Supervisor: Joe joined DeCicco Family Markets 17 years ago. He worked for his family’s pastry shop before joining our team as a DeCicco chef. As we developed our in-store bakeries and catering menus, his responsibilities grew and his natural talent and loyalty to the company carved out his current position.

Joe: “In the large chain grocery stores it’s all about numbers. If you need anything, you have to get in touch with human resources and go through a chain of command. With DeCicco’s, I feel like I’m working for my own family. If I have a problem, I knock on Frank DeCicco’s door. It’s been like that from day one. It’s not only him, but everyone in the family. It’s a lot easier to work with people like that. You know they care.”

Alex, Manager, DeCicco of New City

Alex, Manager, DeCicco of New City: Alex has been part of the DeCicco "family" since May of 2009. After finishing his degrees in higher education, he came to this company with a desire to succeed in business. In the past year, since earning his manager position, he has met and exceeded our expectations.

Alex wants our customers to know: "I am here to help find what our you need, answer questions, and order what you may be looking for. It's my pleasure! I am honored to work for this family business and grateful for the opportunities the DeCicco family has given to me. I was made to feel like a member of their family since the beginning."

Brian, Manager, DeCicco of Katonah

Brian, Manager, DeCicco of Katonah: Brian is one of our most enthusiastic managers. He came to DeCicco Family Markets’ Cross River location with 16 years of industry experience and is now running the Katonah location.

His career in the industry started when he was young and he has worked almost exclusively upper Westchester County. He is knowledgeable in what these neighborhoods want from their local food market. Brian is raising his family in the community in which he works and we are proud to have him as part of our team.
Ainsley, Manager, DeCicco of Cornwall

Ainsley, Manager, DeCicco of Cornwall: Ainsley has been with the DeCicco family for more than 30 years

He served as a grocery clerk as a young boy and eventually as the store manager of multiple DeCicco Family Market locations. Ainsley has developed deep relationships with vendors and our customers which, combined, is a recipe for success in giving our shoppers what they look for at our stores.
Mike, Manager, DeCicco of Cross River

Mike, Manager, DeCicco of Cross River: Mike was part of the DeCicco "family" for ten years starting in 1988, then returned in 2012.

Mike is very knowledgeable and a whiz with numbers. His expertise lie in the grocery and beer departments. Mike wants our customers to know: “Most of all, thanks for your business and loyalty, but also thanks for helping all of us learn about this business and adapt to the changing trends in order to keep us going!”

Flora, Manager, DeCicco of Scarsdale

Flora, Manager, DeCicco of Scarsdale: Flora worked her way up from cashier to store manager all in the Scarsdale store.

She has become an expert on what our customers and neighbors in the Village of Scarsdale need and want. She has a warm personality and a strong work ethic. The store in Scarsdale has seen increased success since she has overseen its operation.

Deborah, Accounts Payable Manager

Deborah joined DeCicco’s in 2004. After attending courses in accounting, she spent the next 5 years as the front end supervisor of a pharmacy. She then devoted her next 15 years to work in the banking industry.

For the past 11 years, Deborah has been a valuable part of the growing team at the DeCicco Main Office. She has a respectable reputation with our associates and vendors.

Deborah: “I work for a very caring, thoughtful, and generous family and my time at work is pleasant and fun.”