In Our Stores

Seafood, at its most fresh and delectable, has always been a consistent staple in our stores from our very beginning over thirty years ago.  Fresh as the day it was caught, we gather all of our seafood from local fisherman and the best seafood markets around in order to create a selection of different fish, shellfish, and other fruits of the sea that are unmatched in taste.  From fresh lobsters to custom cut fish varieties to shrimp of any size, we offer all of our customers the absolute best of the best.

We also offer custom seafood entrees made fresh daily.  From fresh seafood salad to fried calamari, as well as other daily specials, we keep a variety of different dinner options at hand for anyone that wishes to try some seafood straight from our skilled chefs.

When it comes to fresh, premium quality seafood, nothing compares to DeCicco's...