In Our Stores

Restaurant Quality meat has always been a crowning specialty of ours, ever since our humble beginning over 30 years ago. We pride ourselves on having the best team of butchers in order to meet your needs as well as demonstrating the oldest classically Italian family traditions. Setting the highest standard of quality meat in the buisness, which is second to none.

In addition to the availability of our own hand selected Premium Angus Beef products, highest grade Prime Beef, hand selected Aged Prime beef, (Which is aged to perfection for 21 to 28 days, the same of which is used by the finest upscale restaurants in New York area). Our farm fresh Natural Premium Angus beef, fresh Pork products from Tommy Moloney Pork Farms and our all natural line of poultry are second to none, direct from farm to us within days. (Including Bell & Evans, Free Bird, Free Bird Organic and more).

We carry a wide selection of game meat products, including Ostrich, Alligators, Elk, Wild Boar, and Wild Rabbits, these are just a few of the items we have available. We also supply our own line of smoked products from a partner local smoke house. We are happy to supply many hard to find items. Try our own prepared ready to cook products, from hundreds of new ideas and classic favorites. Not to forget our own hand made Italian style sausages, from pork, chicken and turkey, as well as some game sausages, all prepared with the oldest traditional family recipes.

Decicco’s will custom cut and/or custom prepare a meal for you, making it oven or grill ready, absolutely free of charge. We are here to serve you in everyway.